Our Team

Kaitlin - CEO

My name is Kaitlin, Founder and CEO of Wolf Willow Apothecary! Wolf Willow Apothecary has been an evolution and an amalgamation of my interests and passions over the years. 

Throughout my adulthood, I have been fascinated with health, and I have worked in many different facets of our health care system because of it. I’ve worked in hospitals, care homes, and behaviour therapy centres. These experiences kept niggling at my brain - what if there was a way to help these people before they arrived at whatever end result they were currently looking at? My fascination with holistic health and wellness was born. I soon too became a mother and had the extra motivation to take a hard look at my own habits, and at the vast array of products I was using around my home.

I quickly realized these products were not what they claimed to be. I began researching high and low on what all these mystery ingredients were and how they could affect our health (physically and mentally) and I believe there is a connection. As I continued forward on my journey researching, discovering, and practicing a healthier lifestyle I knew I wanted to create a platform where I could share my passion with everyone.

In April 2021 Wolf Willow was born! The entire unfolding of the space was simply serendipitous. I wake up everyday so excited that I get to connect with individuals just starting out on their heath and wellness discovery or already well versed. 

When starting Wolf Willow Apothecary I wanted to lead with creating a space where we focused on supporting local businesses, and doing my part in nudging people to more environmentally friendly options. I don’t believe in absolutes but I do believe we can choose to move in a direction that promotes our overall well-being in a positive way.

Kirstin - Director of Growth

My name is Kirstin, Director of growth with Wolf Willow Apothecary. 

My passion for natural products started, about 4 years ago, when a friend shared what she had been learning about the ingredients in everyday self-care products. I was shocked and determined to find out as much as I could. After doing my own research I was disheartened by the amount of chemicals I was subjecting me and my loved ones to everyday without even knowing. Learning about the different ways chemicals effect our mood and overall health was a lot and to know that we, as a society, had been ultimately lied to was very disheartening. Greenwashing is a real kick in the pants! This new found knowledge kick-started the transition I made in my home. I started paying attention to the ingredients in my self care products and replaced my old products with more natural and holistic ones. I found that my skin actually looked and felt better (which was a definite bonus) but it also felt good to support companies, big and small, that were doing good things! 

So, when Kaitlin invited me to become a part of Wolf Willow Apothecary, I jumped at the opportunity. Having the chance to be a part of a positive change and help others connect to small batch, non toxic and Canadian made products was a dream come true. My goal for Wolf Willow is to have it connect as many people as possible to the goodness of these companies. Connecting more people to these amazing Canadian companies, who are building towards a more positive and chemical free future, is the ultimate reward.

Stephanie - Communication Director

I’m Steph, Communication Director at Wolf Willow Apothecary.Over the last couple of years I have developed an interest in buying sustainable and local.

I have always had a passion for community development  professionally throughout my social work career but this has grown to a personal desire to contribute to the enhancement of local economy through movements like #shoplocal.

I was thrilled to be invited to be part of the Wolf Willow team in the last year and look forward to supporting its mission of a platform that makes finding and falling in love with locally sourced products easier and in turn strengthening our economy. 


Ashley - Director of Social Media 

Hey there, I’m Ashley!

I am the newest member of the Wolf Willow Collective.

My family and I live on a hobby farm in Cobble Hill, where we raise piggies and chickens.  My personal favourite is Elvira, the Tasmanian Naked Neck chicken. 

My husband, Bo, and I have two crazy and adorable kids.  Sutton, 6, and Brielle, 10 going on 15.  Mamas of preteens I know you can relate ;).

As a family we love to camp, travel, go to concerts, host friends and family at our homestead & eat delicious food.

When my daughter was born, I started reading labels and ingredients and was absolutely shocked to see all the toxins, endocrine disruptors, and honestly plain garbage, in the products we were using in our home. Sensitive skin runs in our family, so I went around the house and threw out all the toxic products.  I started fresh with safe, clean, and fragrance free products. And do you know what? Eczema gone! Asthma improved! Reversed skin aging! Brighter skin! Less fatigue! The list goes on and on. It has honestly been a crusade since then and we are much healthier because of it. One of the best decisions we have made as a family.

When Kaitlin opened Wolf Willow, I was thrilled.  All my favourite things, clean products, and Kaitlin.  Since then, Stef and Kirstin have joined as well. Now, it’s just a group of friends who love clean products, supporting women in business, and being part of a community.

I cannot wait to meet you all and be a part of the Downtown Duncan core!