Amethyst Bracelet Stacker Set
Amethyst Bracelet Stacker Set
Wolf Willow Collective

Amethyst Bracelet Stacker Set

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Handcrafted on Vancouver Island, this unique set of stacker bracelets is both stunning and versatile! Available as a stacked set of 2, or as individual bracelets. Hand beaded with love on a strong and durable elastic cord. 

  • Larger stacker bracelet features Phoebe Wood and Amethyst gemstones, with sterling silver accents. 
    Amethyst is known to soothe the mind and emotional body, helping to relieve stress and mental anxieties. Initiating deeper understanding, this piece can help identify the root causes of negative behaviors and patterns.

  • Delicate stacker bracelet incorporates Clear Quartz, Moonstone, and Lavender Quartz gemstones. Finished with sterling silver accents and a hand wire-wrapped gemstone dangle.
    Moonstone helps to balance emotions, creating inner stability and calmness.