Bloom - Essential Oil Roller
Wolf Willow Collective

Bloom - Essential Oil Roller

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calm | empowered | creative An calming, heart opening and grounding blend of lavender, sweet orange, rose and cedarwood. A natural perfume, a meditation or anointment oil, a pick me up when you're feeling lost. Created out of a time of anxiousness, self doubt and in a creative slump, feeling lost, not believing in myself and scared to take the next step. I always say the most beautiful things in life arrive when we're outside of our comfort zone. And so, Bloom was born. As spring is emerging, the snow melting, fresh buds on the trees, nettles sprouting up, our spirits are coming out of hibernation and ready to blossom.

RITUAL: Apply to wrists, temples, collarbone, breathe deeply + affirm "I am worth of all my desires"

INGREDIENTS: jojoba oil* (simmondsia chinensis), lavender (lavendula angustifolia) essential oil, sweet orange (citrus sinensis) essential oil, rose (rosa damascena) essential oil, cedarwood (cedrus atlantica bark) essential oil