Dream On - Hand Rolled Incense Cones
Wolf Willow Collective

Dream On - Hand Rolled Incense Cones

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DREAM ON is an all natural incense blend of sustainably sourced whole woods and resins blended with ethically harvested wild plant materials, to create a sweet, smoky, subtly spiced smoke that meanders through the air of any space to bring calmness, clarity, and ease to the body and mind.

Whole resins, plant powders, and aromatic woods have been used across cultures, time, and space, to create beautifully scented smokes that can help us to transcend the physical, drop into the spiritual, or just infuse our space with the comfort of delicious and magical smells.

Some of the materials used in Dream On include white sandalwood, Palo santo resin, Nootka rose petals, pine resin, and balsam fir needles.

Available in packages of 6.

Made from sustainably sourced mysore sandalwood, palo santo resin, frankincense, agarwood, and styrax benzoin, blended with wild harvested nootka rose petals, balsam fir needles, and red pine resin, bound together with tabu no ki powder and water, and hand rolled one at a time into magical cones of blissful scent pleasure.

Always burn on a non flammable surface and never leave burning unattended.