Hippie Dippy - Herbal Healing Balm
Wolf Willow Collective

Hippie Dippy - Herbal Healing Balm

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The balm that does just about everything! A multi purpose universal healing balm for life‘s most common skin ailments. Soothing relief of cuts, scrapes, bug bites, burns, rashes and dry skin. A must have on your summer adventures! Packed with homegrown and wild crafted herbals to soothe inflamed skin and provide healing relief to minor cuts, scrapes, bruises, rashes, stings, bites and even diaper rash! While we don't make any medical claims, we've also seen this balm to be effective as a nourishing treatment for acne. Add to your facial oil for an all over healing facial or spot treatment. Created with non comedogenic plant oils that will not close your pores.

RITUAL: Clean skin, apply to affected area as needed. Safe for children 6+ months. Store in a cool, dry place. If product liquifies in the heat, place in refrigerator to solidify

INGREDIENTS: beeswax (cera alba), sweet almond oil, shea butter*, castor oil*, lavender*, calendula*, chickweed*, st.johns wort*, plantain*, yarrow*, essential oils of lavender* and tea tree*, vitamin e (tocopherol) *organic/wildcrafted