Mage Bath Bomb
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Mage Bath Bomb

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Bombs With Benefits have 5 key benefits when added to your bath water; they infuse the water with beautifying minerals and vitamins from salts, clays, and botanicals; the coconut and castor oil leaves the skin soft and moisturized without a greasy feel; the essential oils have a therapeutic effect on body and mind, leaving you relaxed and refreshed; they are amazing effervescent cubes of wonder that turn your ordinary bath into a joyful experience; baking soda and citric acid clean, deodorize, and repair the skin, and strengthen blood vessels.

Directions: Carefully submerge the bath bomb into your bath water and watch as it transforms your water into a heavenly explosion of smells. Feel free to mix in your favorite bath bubble product for some extra glam and fun. Shower off any bath bomb residue on the skin after the bath. Any stains left in the bath tub after use will easily come out with simply soap and water.

baking soda - citric acid - cornstarch (non-GMO) - kaolin - sulfated castor oil - coconut oil - australian red clay - star anise - cinnamon essential oil - blood orange essential oil - clove essential oil


Handmade, vegan, cruelty free

Health canada approved, 100% plant based ingredients

Free from synthetic fragrance, parabens, SLS's, phthalates, petroleum derived ingredients, animal testing.