Moonstone Bracelet Stacker Set
Moonstone Bracelet Stacker Set
Wolf Willow Collective

Moonstone Bracelet Stacker Set

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Handcrafted on Vancouver Island, this unique set of stacker bracelets is both stunning and versatile! Available as a stacked set of 2, or as individual bracelets. Hand beaded with love on a strong and durable elastic cord. 

  • Larger stacker bracelet features Phoebe Wood and Moonstone gemstones, with sterling silver accents.
    Moonstone helps to balance emotions, creating inner stability and calmness. 

  • Delicate stacker bracelet incorporates Clear Quartz, Moonstone, and Sunstone gemstones. Finished with sterling silver accents and a hand wire-wrapped gemstone dangle.
    Known as a symbol of the sun, Sunstone has the ability to bring light into dark corners.