Oat & Yucca Cream Mask
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Oat & Yucca Cream Mask

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2 oz / 60 ml


COMFREY ROOT - Contains natural allantoin, a moisturizing and softening substance that prevents dryness and irritation in the skin.

OAT PROTEIN - Beta-glucans found in oats help support faster-wound healing. It contains humectant properties, which draws in moisture that soothes inflamed and dry skin, as well as supports skin barrier function by bossting the production of filaggrin.

YUCCA EXTRACT - Natural source of saponins which have excellent skin cleansing actions, and phenols which are known to exert anti-inflammatory effects and are calming for the skin. Rich in folic acid and vitamin C which both promote a healthy glow.


100% plant-based ingredients.

ECO-CERT approved preservatives, gelling agents, and emulsifiers.

100% free from synthetics, parabens, SLS’s, fragrances, petroleum-based ingredients, animal testing.