Oxymel - Floral Detoxifier
Wolf Willow Collective

Oxymel - Floral Detoxifier

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Despite it’s light and floral flavor, this Oxymel hides within it potent “bitter” dandelion roots and nettle tops, which traditionally used to flush out the system.

Ingredient: Organic raw apple cider vinegar, Organic B.C local honey, Elder flower, Dandelion root, Dandelion leaf, Nettle top, dried lemon 

How to drink: 1 TBL(15ml) per serving. Dilute with 1 part of oxymel and 3 -4 parts of water, warm water or your choice of drink!

SURIBACHI OXYMEL: herbal vinegar tonic is made with full of herbs whose properties and tastes are all important!! You will enjoy flavors as well as herbal health benefits! .

Oxymel has probiotics, nutrients, Vitamin and Minerals...it has many great health benefits!