Oxymel - Immune Helper
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Oxymel - Immune Helper

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This Oxymel is made with elder berry, hibiscus and rosehip, which are a good  source of Vitamin C, those burst forth with a fresh berry taste! Equally at home as a punchy shot, or as a long cooler combined with a mixer like fiery ginger beer.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Apple Cider, Organic honey, Home-made Dried lemon, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Elderberry, Hawthorn berry

[How to drink]
1 TBL(15ml) per serving.
Dilute with 1 part of oxymel and 3 -4 parts of water, warm water, soda water or your choice of drink!

How to Drink: Add 1 TBSP of oxymel to soda water then...It will be your favorite sour drink ??

SURIBACHI OXYMEL: herbal vinegar tonic is made with full of herbs whose properties and tastes are all important!! You will enjoy flavors as well as herbal health benefits!

Oxymel has probiotics, nutrients, Vitamin and Minerals...it has many great health benefits!